Announcement: Dhanak receives the Mahatma Award 2020 for Human Rights and Equality

Dear friends – We are overjoyed and honoured to share with you that Dhanak of Humanity has been awarded the Mahatma Award 2020 for Human Rights and Equality. The Mahatma Award recognizes change-makers across the globe making a social impact and leading the way to a sustainable future. We give our heartfelt thanks to social entrepreneur and philanthropist Amit Sachdeva and others at Mahatma Award for this prestigious recognition.

BBC News: On the run for love in India

Most Indian families still prefer marriages arranged within their religion and caste. Marriages outside these rigid boundaries have often led to violent consequences, including “honour” killings. But some young Indians are still willing to defy their families and communities for love…

Click here to read BBC’s Divya Arya’s report

India’s Forbidden Love

BBC Sounds – The Documentary

How inter-faith and inter-caste marriages are leading to bitter divisions in India

At a time when religious extremism and honour killings have been dominating the political and social discourse, we take a look at the issues surrounding marriages between inter-faith and inter-caste couples ahead of India’s parliamentary elections. Divya Arya, the BBC’s Women’s Affairs journalist in India, tells the story of couples who have fled their homes and communities in fear of their lives in the name of love. One of the most-asked questions in any Indian election is about the candidate’s caste. Political analysts ask it, poll strategists ask it, and the voters ask it. Caste-related issues, frivolous to outsiders, are fiercely debated in TV shows and newspaper articles during an election season. But what does it mean for ordinary voters and their families, and what do they hope for from their politicians?

Listen in to this BBC audio production with Dhanak member couples and co-founder, Mr. Asif Iqbal:

2nd SAHAS Short Film Competition – Last day to submit! — January 15, 2019

Calling all creative minds who wish to make a positive impact/create social awareness, to participate in our 2nd annual #shortfilm competition! #HonourBasedViolence #HonourBasedCrimes #HonourKilling #MeriZindagiMeraFaisla #RightToChoose #ForcedMarriage

Here is some information to help you come up with your short film.


Physical Abuse

Psychological Pressure

Forced Marriage

Forced Abortion


House Arrest

“Honour” Suicide

“Honour” Killing


Falling in love with someone of your choice

Refusing to marry a person chosen by the family

Marrying someone of your choice

Loss of virginity outside of marriage

Pregnancy outside of marriage


A relationship outside of marriage

All the Best!