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Bringing secular couples together

The faith based beliefs and practices of an individual are result of his or her exposure and orientation gained from family & society, so is the case of secular values. Couples with different faiths are the best examples of secularism because of their beliefs related to secularism, which are repeatedly put to test at their home. For them there is no room for difference between preaching and practice.

To promote secular values, we decided to organize couples with inter-faith/caste background. We are keen to highlight the mixed religious and cultural practices that are the bulwark of secularism.

Share experiences and offer a platform for support

A couple, with different faith or caste that decides to get into a marital relationship, primarily believes in secular and human values. But, their practices based on secularism and faith/culture are put to test by their immediate surroundings.

Dialogue between the couple to develop a common understanding about their future actions is the best method to avoid marital conflicts. Parents and adults play a decisive role in their decision making process. Unfortunately the role of parents and adults in the inter-faith/caste marriages is none or negligible.

We offer a platform for such couples to share their views and experiences with others with similar background.

Dhanak doesn’t profess standard practices for inter-faith/caste couples. Rather, sharing of personal examples by its members help a couple in the decision making process. The sharing is done either in face to face meetings or online.

Legal, Financial and other Support by Dhanak

Usually a couple gets in touch with Dhanak when they decide to get married, or when they face challenges in solemnizing their marriage. Also, couples facing physical and mental torture from their parents both before or after their marriage, seek our help. Solemnization or registration of marriage under Special Marriage Act (SMA) is the biggest challenge for a couple who wish to get married without any religious conversion. Dhanak provides legal advice and guidance to such couples and help them with their marriage.

We are in the midst of developing a relevant database, booklets, training material to address issues related to religious co-existence and inter-faith / caste marriages.

We are collecting and collating secondary and primary data related to the marriages solemnized and registered in Special Marriage Act and Hindu Marriage Act in Delhi and NCR.

We are also collecting secondary data from other cities like Bhubneshwar, Jaipur etc. with the help of groups and individual activists who are working on Right to Information Act. Similarly, we are also writing about the various syncretic communities like Cheeta-Kathat, Nath Jogis, Moola Jats etc. based in India. The collected information is helping us in highlighting the presence of syncertic communities which never got recognition by the national politics and academia.

33 thoughts on “Our Support

  1. Hello sir ..hamari intercast rilesansip h our ham shadi karna chate h .but mere ghar wale nhi man rhe h .kay kare please help kariye .ladka achha job bhi karta h .mer car bhi karta h .but mere ghar wale bol rhe h nichi jati me shadi nhi kare ge.kay kare samjh nhi aa rha .please sir help kijiye…..please


  2. Hi sir m vanya .i am in relationships with a bhumihar boy. His family is orthodox and they are forcing him to get married in same caste h and now my partner started giving up because they are emotionally black mailing him. So please help us


  3. Asslamvalekum asif sir hm dono bhai neeraj and pankaj sir hum dono bhaiyo ki shadi bhi hui to name change krke kyoki nikah neeraj aur pankaj name se kha hota hai sir apse request hai ki hm dono bhai name change krna chahte hai aur sir hm dono bhai primary up me teacher hai ….kaise name change hoga sir


  4. Asslamvalekum sir mera name neeraj aur mere bhai ka name pankaj hai mere father ka name mumtaj ali hai.hm dono bhai basic education allahabad me gov job krte hai.hm dono bhai janm se muslim hai..sir dharm muslim aur name hindu hone ki vajah se hm logo ki society me koi izzat nhi hai .hm dono bhaiyo ki shadi bhi nhi ho pa rhi hai…sir hum dono bhai apna name muslim dharm ke anusar rkhna chahte hai. Is sambandh me meri madad kriye sir.


    • वालेकुम-अस्सलाम नीरज और पंकज भाई….मुझे तो लगा की आप दोनों को इस बात का फक्र होगा की आप दोनों के नाम इतने खूबसूरत हैं….नीरज और पंकज के माने कमल है….आप के वालिदैन ने बहुत सोंच समझ के यह नाम रखे होंगे….वोह लोग नादां हैं जो आपके नामों को ग़लत बताते हैं….वोह यह नहीं जानते के नाम का मज़हब से कोई ताल्लुक नहीं….


  5. Hi, mera naam Vikas Kumar h. Mai jinse pyaar karta hu unke parrents shadi k liye mana kar rahe h.pahle unke parrents ne kaha tha Gov job lag jayegi to kar denge but ab nhi maan rahe h.unhe socity ka dar h . please help me


  6. Hi ,
    My name is Veeky , I am in a relationship last 3 years with my school mate Dipali . I am 24 years old and complete BE Mechanical and working in a good company with nice salary. She is 23 years old and complete graduation in BSc-Agree and preparing for gov job . We are so deeply in love with each other t. We decided to get married with parents permission but they denied because of Intercaste . So we did our marriage on 1st March 2019 in Arya samaj mandir and got certificate . Now the problem is that her parents are forcing her to marry other boy who belongs to same caste by making imotional drama . And she couldn’t tell them about our marriage because she is thinking that if She tell them everything her parents will kill both of us. Actually once her parents called me and ask me to break our relationship . I thought I can convince my parent but I can’t my parents also asking me to break our relationship. But we are both can’t live without each other. She is breaking mentally day by day , please help us to get out of this. Help us to convince our parent to accept our marriage. Her parents are planning her engagement withot her permission on next Sunday 24th of march. Please consider.


  7. Hi mai sachin mai ek ladki se pyar karata hu wo vi humse karati hai.
    Us ke family wale us ki sadi jabadasti next month 19 april 2019 ko kara rahe hai .
    Plz mera help kijiye.
    Hum bahut problem me hai..
    My mobile number 7003091022.
    Aur hum aap log ko mail vi kiye hai .
    Mera mail id sachinprasad00@gmail.com
    Pls help me as soon as possible.


  8. Please help me
    Me ak ldki si pyar krta hu or hm ak dusre ko 5 sal se jante h different cast ki vjj se uake ghr wale nhi man rhe or roj use torcher krte h ..marne ki dhmki dete h… mere ghr wale man gye h inka khna h ki agr ldki k ghr wale man jaye to hm khusi khusi shadi krne ko taiyar h
    ..please kese bhi krke hmari help kriye sir…..jitna jldi ho ske uta jldi help kroye q ki uska khana bnd krne ki dhmki dete h kr usko bhuki rkhte h


  9. Hii.. I am Shivani.. I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend since 9 years.. He is from different caste.. And suddenly my parents are forcing me to get married to another boy.. I really don’t want to marry anybody leaving him. . But the type of emotional torture they are doing i am afraid that i will lose my boyfriend.. Please help us.. We both love each other a lot.. Please do something


  10. Itni help krdo humari bs k ye shadi tut jae kese bhi zindagi bhar ehsan mand rahege hum aap k waqt bhut kum h humare pass 8 ko haldi lag jaegi vicky ko or 11 tarikh ko nikah h.plz help krdo sir plz zindagi ka sawal h humari.


  11. Hi sir,my name soha khan or mere lover ka naam h vicky hum dono k releshion ko 9 saal ho gye h or vicky k ghar walo ne vicky ki shadi fix krdi h 11 feb. Ko plz help kro humari plz toad do shadi ye.


  12. Hello sir,i love a girl,but our caste is different,,and other problem that girls have no brothers ,no sisters and no father only mother so she can’t leave her mother,she marry with me then her mother will suside,,,and our both family not convenced please sir help me,please please sir ,,,,i hope you understand my problem and solve this ,


    • Dear Jaipal…we have received your email regarding the same…..you are requested to send the filled online form sent to you in response to your email….the process is essential as we want to be sure that we are not dealing with minors…..moreover, the level of potential intervention is different in each case…nature of required help in your case will be determined on receipt of the basis information from you… all the information shared by you will remain strictly confidential…..


  13. Sir Mai ek ladaki se pyar karata Hu. Par unka caste different Hai. Unka engagement hone Bali Hai. Unhone apne Ghar balo se bat ki we engagement rukawane ke liye taiyar hai Par ladke balo ki jid ke karna we kuch nahi Kar pa Rahe hai. Ladke balo ne daheg bhi liya Hai. Mai bihar ka Rahe Bala Hu.. Please sir help me


    • sumit भाई…आज हमारी इस विषय में फ़ोन पर बात हो चुकी है…अगर आपकी दोस्त बालिग़ हैं तो ऐसी स्तिथि में ३ रास्ते हैं….पहला, या तो आपकी दोस्त पुरज़ोर विरोध करे और अड़ जाए की उसे शादी नहीं करनी…कोई गोद में लेकर फेरे नहीं पडवा सकता….दूसरा, वोह १०० नंबर पर पुलिस को फ़ोन कर दें…पुलिस यह विवाह रुकवा देगी….तीसरा, वो घर छोड़ कर दिल्ली आ जाएँ …हम उन्हें दिल्ली हाई कोर्ट से उकने परिवार से सुरक्षा दिलवाने में मदद कर देंगे….वो, दिल्ली में जब तक रहना चाहती हैं तब तक रह सकती हैं…


  14. Hello,I am Pooja I want to marry a boy but his parents are not agreeing for the marriage because of Intercaste issue.Rather his uncle and other family members may convince but his mom dad are not agreeing.Kindly convince them and say them to accept me as their daughter-in-law.He is also ready to marry but we want to convert this marriage from love to arrange.


  15. I love a girl want to marry her i belong to SC she is rajput she told her dad n he totally refused and the girl has stopped talking to me she is not willing to talk to me she is saying she cant go against her dad.
    I am very tensed what to do how to make the girl realise she has to take a stand and talk to her dad regarding this.
    Pls help
    Tushar Samar Singh


  16. यह संगठन ईस्वर के दिए हुए दुनिया के सबसे खूबसूरत तोहफा को संरक्षित कर आज मानव समाज मे मानवीय मूल्यों को स्थापित कर ईस्वर के रूप में जीता जागता उदाहरण है।
    मानव समाज मे रूढ़िवादी विचारों को समाप्त कर वृहद स्तर पर वास्तविक रूप में आधुनिक भारत का निर्माण करने का साहस और पीड़ा इस संगठन ने उठाया है जिसके लिए हमसब पूरी आजन्म आभारी रहेंगे।
    आपके इस कठिनात्मक कार्य के लिए भारत एक दिन जरूर गर्वअन्वित महसूस करेगा साथ ही साथ जाति, धर्म की बेड़िया भी टूटेंगी ।
    बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद धनक संगठन


  17. Hi,

    Hope this finds you in good cheer.
    I run a website – http://armchairlounge.com/ – covering various topics close to my heart. I am otherwise a Senior Technical Writer with Pitney Bowes, but want to do what I can to bring the helpful work your organization is doing to as amny readers as I can.

    I’d like to do an article on your NGO, covering its objective, roadmap, hurdles, resources, examples of the work done, and the motivation you draw from such incedents to go out there and help. For this, I’d like to conduct an interview with the program manager, and a couple may be – anonymously if required.

    If this sounds good, please reach out to me at +91-9560825758, and deboshri.paul@gmail.com.

    Warm Regards,
    Deboshri Paul


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