Love Against Hate

By its very nature, hate destroys and tears down; by its very nature, love creates and builds up. – Martin Luther King Jr.

We’re made to believe that our existence depends on identities such as religion, caste, gender, and economic status.
At Dhanak, we believe our existence depends on Love and Humanity. Couples at Dhanak have broken barriers and crossed boundaries to rise above religion, caste, etc. We believe there are many others like us who are out there living normal, happy lives.

Dhanak of Humanity is launching an ambitious campaign to counter the hate and violence we are seeing and experiencing during these current times. It is time to say enough to hate and showcase the power of love!

Are you with us?
Tell us… What’s Your Love Story? Scroll down to see details to participate in this campaign.

Let’s unite against hate!
Let’s challenge the myths and stereotypes associated with mixed marriages and relationships!
Let’s showcase the power of love!

Couples in a mixed marriage/relationship

You may choose to participate in this campaign in two different ways. 1. Post your love story and/or picture on the Facebook campaign page or email it to us and we will post for you. 2. Email a photograph with your names to be added to the Dhanak song video which will be produced periodically.

  • By participating in this campaign, you are giving the right to use your photo in the video
  • You must be in a mixed marriage or relationship
  • You and your partner will share full names
  • You and your partner should be at least 18 years old
  • Family photos are welcome
  • Photos should be of high resolution
  • Dhanak has the right to disqualify any inappropriate (nude or suggestive) photos and stories.

#WhatsYourLoveStory #LoveAgainstHate

Add the hashtag: #WhatsYourLoveStory in the subject line

Facebook Campaign page: