Media Coverage

Dhanak has actively engaged with various media outlets over the years.

Here’s a list of some of the coverage/participation:

6 thoughts on “Media Coverage

  1. I feels the government should do more to encourage inter-caste marriage. “If they are really serious about ending the caste system, they should provide a government job to women who marry outside her caste,”

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  2. Hello sir,
    I am Navin Kumar. I am from Bihar. I am studying here in JNU, NEW
    DELHI.I have a dream to do something for the peoples who losE their
    lives for their love or gets separated from each other only for the
    reason that they belong to other caste or religion. Actually i have
    been suffering from this agony since July this year. I belong to Hindu
    community and in love with a girl who come from a Rajput family. No
    one is supporting us for the marriage. We tried utmost but nothing
    happened right. Finally she is getting married under pressure of her
    family. This is so painful for me .I do not know how do i handle this
    for the lifetime.This is unbearable. But from now onwards i dont want
    to see any other couple to suffer from such pain of separation which i
    am having now.I want to do something for such couples through DHANAK.
    So i request you to suggest me the way to join this Ngo.

    Thank you

    Your loving
    Navin Kumar

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