16 thoughts on “Annual Reports

  1. Hello my name is I want to love marriage my partner also agree but but our presents will not agre please us
    So we make life. Success in futures
    Aman wads navdeep


  2. Dear Sir/Mam,
    I need ur help. I love a muslim girl n we want to get married but there are some problems in which we need ur help.
    I want to talk to to you.
    Please We will be really so much thankful to you


  3. Sir
    When we apply for court marriage ,is that mandatory that police comes to our home for the address verification???


  4. Dear sir/mam, my name is Mohammad Azad age 25 from Najafgarh district south west New Delhi -110043 and 2nd individual name is Deepika sarohiya age 25 From Najafgarh district south west New Delhi-110043. We are living in relationship for 2007 now we want got marriage under special marriage act 1954. But girls parents not agree for this marriage and now girls parents make planning to die Deepika. She totally banned and torcher in her home by her parents. please help me sir about this matter as early as possible. Thank you


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