About Us


Dhanak of Humanity is a not-for-profit organization mostly comprising interfaith and inter-caste couples. Dhanak, founded by a few interfaith couples, began as a support group in 2004. It was registered in 2012 under the Societies Registration Act.

Dhanak has evolved organically, and over the years it has emerged as a Champion organization working for the promotion of Right to Choice in the matters of Marriage and Relationships. It works against Honour-Based Crimes and Forced Marriages in India. Dhanak’s unique footing, passion, and experience drives the core team.

Our Mission: Working to promote Right to Choice in Marriage or Relationships and ending Honour-Based Crime.

Our Vision: We envision a gender-just world in which every person has the freedom of personal choice in the matters of Marriage or Relationships.

Our Values: Dhanak is guided by its commitment to embrace the value of: Diversity, Equality, Inclusiveness and Respect. We strive to create an open space for promoting dialogue, learning, growing and contributing. We have zero-tolerance for any form of violence and fundamentalism.


Dhanak is the only organization in India working on a spectrum of issues and challenges faced by interfaith couples. In the last few years, there has been a marked increase in the number of inter/intra-caste couples seeking support.

Over the years Dhanak has touched the lives of over 1300 couples. Dhanak’s expertise developed as a result of learnings based on real-life experiences of struggling couples; be it dealing with their own value system and stereotypes, their families, or with the administration and legal systems.

Dhanak’s members volunteer to support new couples and families whenever and with all possible means.

  • Counselling & Guidance to Aspiring Couples
  • Legal Guidance and Aid to Aspiring Couples
  • Protection, Support and Financial aid to Couples in need
  • Facilitation for Marriage Solemnization & Registration
  • Registration of Religious Marriage under Special Marriage Act
  • Protection and Legal support for prevention of Honour crimes and safety
  • Reconciliation with Parents
  • Safe Home for Couples in Need of Protection
  • Linkage with Support Group for Counselling & Support
  • Perspective Building on issues related to interfaith & gender-just living and universal human values  and Support System
  • Volunteering Opportunity
  • Right to Choose
  • Against Honour Based Crimes and Forced Marriage
  • Marriage without Religious Conversion
  • Gender Equality in Relationships
  • Awareness on Provisions under the Civil Marriage (Special Marriage Act)
  • Amendment of Special Marriage Act and changes in State Rules
  • Demand for an Act against Honour-Based Crimes
  • Demand for Homes for Couples for Security and Protection
  • CHAYAN: A consortium of organizations working on Right to Choose, convened by Dhanak
  • Forum of Parents and responsible citizens for intervention in mixed cases
  • Collection of secondary and primary data related to marriage from different states of India
  • Collection of secondary data related to incentives given to mixed marriages by state governments.

Our Story

Dhanak is an Urdu word for rainbow, which is a beautiful yet rare phenomenon. Similarly, interfaith/caste marriages are not common in our society. Just as rich colours get together to complete a rainbow, we believe that the differences in our religious backgrounds are like different hues that add to the richness of our lives. Not only can we co-exist, we can also enhance life’s quality thanks to the diversity that comes along due to the differences in our religious identities.

Our journey began in 2005 when a few interfaith couples decided to get together with the intention to form a forum which we decided to name as Dhanak. The idea was to help people with similar backgrounds to come together and form a support structure for each other at small group & individual levels. More importantly, we wanted to counter the spread of communalism in the society.

We believe that differences in religious backgrounds bring with it some unique issues and experiences, and we understand these well. We are confident that there are many such people who believe strongly in our vision and wish to be a part of it and support it.

We invite all to join us as “Friends of Dhanak”. Dhanak also looks forward to being associated as “Networking Partners” with likeminded groups and organizations that share Dhanak’s overall perspective of universal peace & harmony.

56 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I need your opinion. I am in a relationship with a guy for past 11 years. And from past 6 years we are trying to convince my parents. He is a Christian and m a Jain. Also, we are in a long distance relationship jus struggling to get through. Please help.


  2. Dear sir myself Fazlur, sir apki help ki zarorat hai mera partner Hindu h aur me Muslim but hm dono hi shadi kerna chahte hain, but parents problem create ker rhe hain, what can we do sir ?


  3. Sir ,
    Waqt bahut kharab chal raha hai muslamo k liye aur mai muslim hum but muje ak rajput larki se mohabbat hai aur sahdi v karna chata hun , but hamare pass ghar chor k bagme k alawa aur koi rasta nhe hai bas daar lata hai hamare is desscison se maire family mob linching ka sikar na ho jye….need u help

    Liked by 1 person

      • मेरी गर्लफ्रैंड मुस्लिम ह और मैं हिन्दू क्या हम शादी करना चाहते हैं क्या हो सकता ह क्या बिना किसी प्रॉब्लम्स की जयपुर


      • prashant ji apne baare mey likhne key liye shukriya….problem ka hona is baat per nirbhar karta hai ki aap dono key pariwaron ka aapki shadi key baare mey kya manana hai….agar woh aapkey faisley key khilaaf hain to problems to hogi…


  4. So glad to see that such organisation is working in our country, your good work and efforts are appreciable, may god bless the whole team and give you more courage to help people.All the best team “Dhanak”.


  5. Sir i am Bharat from kutch gujarat i want maary with othet cast. She is ready to marry with me but our parents is not allow to us and we want to marry can you help us.


  6. Dear asif sir .I knew you from ndtv . I am Ali MUNTAZER from begusarai bihar india .
    I am facing a difficulty . With different story
    I am a moderate non beliver or agnostic
    I Married marriage was arrienged .My wife’s family belongs to Communist party of india .That’s why I believe they they will be moderate and open thinker ,but they are totally fenetic and hard core Islamic extremists . Including my wife. After 2 months relationship she back her home . They are imposing islam on me through sharia adalat . I am feeling alone
    Plz guide me or help me sir
    Md ali MUNTAZER


  7. Am gopika from Kerala am in love with Muslim guy for 6yrs but my parents will not allow me to marry him..we really need your help how can I contact the dhanak team.


  8. In the worst situation when a person need hope you people are there helping them giving a hope so that they don’t fall apart. Salute guys because this war is internal and nation need to fight this too to become developed. I have much more words but for now Thanks Dhanak Team for the Hope.


  9. Hello,
    Sir my name is MAYANK ..i m form amreli gujrat.
    I love her so much but she’s parents are not agree.
    I want you will help me ,
    please sir help


  10. Hey my names is monika i m hindu n want to marry a Christian guy my parents r not agreeing at all we r in relationship since 5 yrs nw n want to get married at earliest but because of my father i m waiting in case he agrees so incase u cn help me in ths plz i really need ur help n i dnt knw hw u ppl wrk also i just came to knw abt ur ngo thru you tube so plz reply n help thnk u


  11. Sir can you please tell that how do you work…??
    My parents thinking are very orthodox..??
    Can anybody from Dhanak do a counselling with the parents??


  12. Sir can you please tell that how do you work…??
    My parents thinking are very orthodox..??
    Can anybody from Dhanak do a counselling with the parents??


    • Dear Kushal….we do talk to parents but, after the couple marry and wishes to resume the relationship….however, before the marriage….an each individual has to deal with their parents….if, they don’t agree with you then..our intervention is futile….please fill the required details in the form at “contact us” on webpage dhanak.info


    • Dear Ajay,

      We would need some details regarding you and your partner. Please share your age, city, profession and the challenge/issue/s . We can extend any suggestions /advice only after a complete understanding of the situation.


  13. Dear Dhanak Members,
    Congratulations for your wonderful act of kindness that too without any selfish motive.
    I found you on YouTube while struggling for my relationship.
    Desperately need ur help. M a well settled gal and in a relationship with a boy in same profession. We were knowing each other since last 13years and in committed relationship since 6years. His parents are agree for our marriage but mine are not.
    Need u to have a dialogue for convincing my parents.
    Waiting for ur reply.


  14. I was strolling through internet pages for inter religious love marriage because i too am suffering from the similar situation. Meanwhile i found your video with ndtv prime time, i just want to thankyou for your work. You are doing a great job! If required i would take help from you in near future.


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