About Us


Dhanak of Humanity is a not-for-profit organization mostly comprising interfaith and inter-caste couples. Dhanak, founded by a few interfaith couples, began as a support group in 2004. It was registered in 2012 under the Societies Registration Act.

Dhanak has evolved organically, and over the years it has emerged as a Champion organization working for the promotion of the Right to Choice in the matters of Marriage and Relationships. It works against Honour-Based Crimes and Forced Marriages in India. Dhanak’s unique footing, passion, and experience drive the core team.

Dhanak is the only organization in India working on a spectrum of issues and challenges faced by interfaith and inter-caste couples, LGBT couples, and individuals who choose to assert their autonomy. In the last few years, there has been a marked increase in the number of inter/intra-caste couples seeking support.

Over the years Dhanak has touched the lives of over 1300 couples. Dhanak’s expertise developed as a result of learnings based on real-life experiences of struggling couples; be it dealing with their own value system and stereotypes, their families, or with the administration and legal systems.

Dhanak’s members volunteer to support new couples and families whenever and with all possible means.

  • Counselling & Guidance to Aspiring Couples
  • Legal Guidance and Aid to Aspiring Couples
  • Protection, Support, and Financial aid to Couples in need
  • Protection and Support of LGBTQ couples on request by network organizations of CHAYAN
  • Facilitation for Marriage Solemnization & Registration
  • Registration and Solemnization under Special Marriage Act
  • Protection and Legal support for prevention of Honour based crimes and safety
  • Reconciliation with Parents
  • Facilitate stay at Government Safe House for Couples in Need of Protection
  • Linkage with Support Group for Counselling & Support
  • Perspective Building on issues related to interfaith & gender-just living and universal human values  and Support System
  • Volunteering Opportunity
  • Right to Choice
  • Against Honour-Based Crimes and Forced Marriage
  • Marriage without Religious Conversion
  • Gender Equality in Relationships
  • Awareness on Provisions under the Civil Marriage (Special Marriage Act)
  • Amendment of Special Marriage Act and changes in State Rules
  • Demand for an Act against Honour-Based Crimes
  • Demand for Homes for Couples for Security and Protection
  • CHAYAN: A consortium of organizations working on Right to Choose, convened by Dhanak
  • Forum of Parents and responsible citizens for intervention in mixed cases
  • Collection of secondary and primary data related to marriage from different states of India
  • Collection of secondary data related to incentives given to mixed marriages by state governments.

Our Story

Dhanak is an Urdu word for rainbow, which is a beautiful yet rare phenomenon. Similarly, interfaith/caste marriages are not common in our society. Just as rich colours get together to complete a rainbow, we believe that the differences in our religious backgrounds are like different hues that add to the richness of our lives. Not only can we co-exist, but we can also enhance life’s quality thanks to the diversity that comes along due to the differences in our religious identities.

Our journey began in 2005 when a few interfaith couples decided to get together with the intention to form a forum which we decided to name as Dhanak. The idea was to help people with similar backgrounds to come together and form a support structure for each other at small group & individual levels. More importantly, we wanted to counter the spread of communalism in society.

We believe that differences in religious backgrounds bring with it some unique issues and experiences, and we understand these well. We are confident that there are many such people who believe strongly in our vision and wish to be a part of it and support it.

We invite all to join us as “Friends of Dhanak”. Dhanak also looks forward to being associated as “Networking Partners” with like-minded groups and organizations that share Dhanak’s overall perspective of universal peace & harmony.

277 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Sir, I have already sent the mail to you today by writing all my problems there. Please do check and help me to get out of this. I m stuck in this depression. Hope to get the solution soon.please sir


  2. Sir I have already sent a mail to you regarding my problem. Hoping to get a solution from you as soon as possible. please do response asap.. I really need your help. I can’t be in this depression any more.


  3. Happen to see today’s NDTV discussion and was planning to start such an organisation in Kerala. We are an interfaith couple married under the special marriage act since January 2000. We volunteer to associate with you as the provision of special marriage act with regard to notice period and display is not couple friendly.


  4. Hello Dhanak Team,

    I wanted to do love marriage with a girl of different cast, I am a Jaat of Haryana and she is Rajput of haryana. We have takled to our parents but they are refusing this by saying this is against our culture and religion.
    Please can you help us on this to convince our parents so that we can live together.


  5. sir/ mam .. please send me contact number of asif sir… as i know about him from my bf. I cannot contact him recently because of so many problems. i am going through extreme torment and mental torture. I am need of help!!! please send me contact number of asif sir.


      • i have dropped an email regarding my present situation. I am really in need of help. i am literally crying atleast someone is listening to me… i am in facing all this past 9 months … i am not good at all i wish i could die … i do not want to marry someone else … 8 year relationship cannot end like this. please help me


      • मै हिन्दू धर्म मे पैदा हुआ हुँ, यह मेरे गलती नहीं हैं… मै एक मानव हूँ, यह ही मेरा धर्म हैं. मेरे प्रेम को लव जिहाद बताकर एक छोटे शंदर्भ से जोड़ दिआ जाता हैं जिस पर मुझे बहुत घ्रणा आती हैं…. मै लोगो की तुच्छ मानसिकता को परखता हुँ…. 21वी शताब्दी मे रहकर के भी एक कट्टर सोच को बढ़ावा देना यह बहुत ही शर्मशार हैं….मेरा मानना हैं प्रेम मे बलिदान दिया जाना चाहियें लेकिन उसका किआ जो मैंने एक उम्मीद अपने मन मे जला रखी हैं, मै लोगो की सोच को बदलूंगा ये मेरा खुद से वायदा हैं आज बहुत दुखी मन से लिख रहा हुँ, क्योंकि अपने प्रेम को मै प्रेम ही रखना चाहता हूँ, मुझे नहीं मालूम मेरा बलिदान लोगो को आजाद कर देगा या फिर उनकी बेबुनियाद सोच को सहारा मिल जायेगा…….
        उपलक्ष्य शिव लविश कुरील


      • लविश जी, आपके विचार पढ़ कर अच्छा लगा…क्या आप अंतर धार्मिक रिश्ते में हैं?….


  6. Hello sir,
    Main love marriage karna chata hun. But Meri family maan nai rahi hai. Please aap log Meri help kijiye. Mujhe support chahiye. Mujhe meri gf se marriage krni hai. Please reply kijiye n meri madad kijiye. Maine Mail already drop kiya hai, jo Mail ID mention tha. Please check krke aap Meri help kijiye


  7. Sir mera naam Anjali hai me lv mrg krna chahti hu but meri fmly nhi maan rhi nd kisi or se shdi krwa chahti hai pr me lv mrg Krna chahti hu pls reply kijiye


  8. Me and my partner are ready to die with each other because her family members are forcing her to get married to someone she don’t love. She is asking me to meet and we will commit suicide together.
    We can’t live without each other and we want to get married.
    Please help us convince her family members.
    If we are unable to get married to each other then we don’t have other option. We will commit suicide together.


  9. hii..main assam se hu or main ek hindu lerki hu or mera partner muslim lerka hain….hum abhi bht chote hain..hmari age 21-22 hain..humari relation 3yrs ho chuke hain…abhi hum logon ki kuch bhi prblm nhi the,,hum acche se phar rhe hain..par 18 th ko hmare yaha pe facebook pe koi hindu king name se page hain jisme hmare relation k bare m bht bhala bura likh diya or love jihad name se mention kar diya jisse hum dono ko bohot problem ho rahi hain..woh post bohot hi jyada share hua hain..jiski wajah se main toh bahar nehi nikal sakti agar mera lerka bhi bahar nikle toh usse sayed mar denge..sir please ap isme kuch madad kar sakte hain..kyunki hamari future ka bhi sawal hain..bohot logo ne mujhe bhi bohot buri tarike se gali de rahe hain..


  10. Mai ek gvt teacher hu aur mere partner ek dr …dono ki caste alg hone ki wjh se mere parents ni maan rhe mai bht preshan hu 5 mhine se mujhe preshan kiya ja raha h mai kya karu plz help me.


  11. I need your help
    Meri partner Muslim hai or Mai Hindu hu hamare relation ko 4 saal ho chuke hai Uske Ghar wale hamare relation ke khilaf hai uske Ghar walo ne use jabardasti gav bhej diya hai or use vo log pareshan Kar rahe hai or mar pit rahe hai mujhe use vaha se vapas lana hai or apne sath rakhna hai but vaha jane ke liye mujhe jaan Ka khatra hai please help me


    • रुपेश जी हम आपकी परिस्तिथि समझ सकते हैं…पर ऐसी स्तिति में आपकी मुनासिब मदद करने के लिए हमे आपसे कुछ बुनियादी जानकारियां चाहिए…इसलिए आपसे निवेदन है कि आप शीघ्र queries.dhanak@gmail.com पर ईमेल भेजिए….


  12. Meri gf job krna chahti h pr uske ghr wale use job nhi krne de rhe h yha tk ki vo use aage pdhne v nhi de rhe h wo bina uski mrji ke uski sadi krne pr tule huye h wo mere pas aana chahti h mai apni gf ko job krana chahta hu uski sari dreams puri krna chahta hu wo karnataka ki h wha ke log beti se jaida beto ko pyar krte h aap ke time me h aise maa bap h gussa aata h mujhe aise logo pe plzz sr mai apni gf ko sari khusi dena chahta hu plz help me aap meri aakhri ummid h plzz meri ummid mt todo hm dono ko ek dusre se mila dijiye please


    • आपकी मित्र के माता पिता उसे पढने और नौकरी करने से इसलिए रोक रहे हैं क्योंकि उन्हें आपके रिश्ते का पता चल गया है….ऐसे में हम आपकी मित्र की पढाई और नौकरी करने में मदद ज़रूर करेंगे…पर पहले आप धनक की प्रारंभिक जानकारी वाली प्रक्रिया पूरी कर लीजिए…


      • Ji nhi hmare riste ke bare me meri gf ke family ko kuch nhi pta h meri gf bol rhi thi ki wha ke log hi aise h wha ke log lrkiyo ko ek bojh smjhte h aur lrki aur lrke me bhed bhaw krte h wha lrkiyo ko koi aajadi nhi h yha tk ki wha pe lrkiyo ki sadi km umr me hi kr di jati h meri gf mujhse help mang rhi h wo nob krna chahti h pr mai chl fir nhi skta is liye aapki help chahta hu mai apni gf ko ek ache post pe dekhna chahta hu uski sari dreams puri krna chahta hu plzz meri mdd kijiyee


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