• Dhanak is a not-for-profit organization. 
  • Dhanak does not charge any fees towards its services. 
  • Dhanak does not facilitate solemnizing religious marriages.
  • Dhanak is a membership-based organization wherein its members play a crucial role be it as volunteers, as change-makers, or participating in the peer-support and solidarity group.
  • We believe in maintaining a long-term association with our members. We are aware that challenges do not end with the registration of marriage. Couples and families seek support and solidarity throughout their early married lives, as well as when their family grows. We encourage couples to become members of Dhanak to enjoy benefits such as free support, counseling,  access to our virtual and off-line seminars and sessions, events, fun and awareness-raising trips, publications, etc. 
  • To establish your association with Dhanak and become a member of our secular and gender-just Dhanak family, a token contribution of Rs. 2400 will be charged beginning January 1, 2022. This small but significant contribution will help us to sustain and extend our help and support to cater to more couples and families-in-need. By contributing you will receive personalized support as well as help Dhanak in reaching out to others in need.
  • Annual membership of Rs. 2400 (100 rupees per person, per month) is charged for continued association and availing benefits.
  • Couples staying at the Dhanak Safehouse are required to contribute Rs. 100 per day towards maintenance, electricity, gas, etc.