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  1. Hello, I am from Gujarat. My partner is Muslim & I am Hindu. So plz guide as how we can get married & what is the procedure.


  2. Hello Dhanak,
    My name is Shubhankar Bakshi.
    I’m from Kanpur.

    Me & Supriya were college student.
    We passed our college together.
    We have good understanding.
    We trust each other.

    Supriya lost her mom due to cancer.
    I hold her hand, she found all goodness in me.

    We truly really love each other.
    We can’t live without each other.
    I fulfilled all her family’s desires.

    Me and Supriya we really love each other so much.
    We want to get married.
    My prents and family are ready for it.
    But now some of Supriya’s Family members are against us.
    Like her Brother and Aunt.

    They are taking her away from me.
    Supriya is afraid. Her aunt rebuked her.

    Once they tried to fixi her wedding somewhere else within few days they found that guy was very bad.

    Supriya is happy with me she loves me a lot.

    Again aunt is trying to fix another guy for her.
    Only because my surname doesn’t match her surname.

    She is Supriya Saini
    I am Shubhankar Bakshi.

    She is full of fear.
    Supriya is very innocent girl.
    So loving, so adorable, so cute,
    I really love her. I don’t want to loose her.

    Dhanak please help us.
    Please come as soon as possible and talk with her family please I’m requesting.
    Please it is our future, it’s all about our life.

    Please contact me it’s very urgent.
    7380524218 ;


  3. Dear team,
    My name is Himanshu Bhandari. My contact detail is 7500055103. I love a girl and she is belongs to Arya community. We both love each other and we can’t live without each other. The problem is as usual in India. Her parents are ready for marriage but the condition is if my parents are willing for the same. I have tried all my best already to convince my parents and all went in vain. My parents don’t have any problem with girl but with her caste. They even know that I’ll remain unmarried for the rest of my life if I won’t get her but seems they are okay with it. It’s just they don’t want her to be a part of our family. When I talked with my mother about the girl I love, she called her brothers(my maternal uncle) and my father in dehradun where me and my sister were living to beat me so that I can understand that intercaste marriage is wrong. On that day, I locked myself in the bathroom and reported it to police for my safety. So, the police asked my family not to hurt me. I was saved that day. But after 5 days, when I came from office at 12 midnight, they snatched my phone so that I can’t call for help. I was beaten very badly and my maternal uncle even tied to knock me out with 3 hits on my neck. They bite me on my hands with bare tooth. They put jhandu balm in my eyes and emptied a whole box so that I won’t be able to see anything. After that, they tied my hands and legs with ropes and put me in a car and was taken to my maternal unlce’s home. They didn’t stop anywhere and avoided all the possible routes where the police could be at night. They kept me there. But my friend found out what exactly happened. He went to my home where my sister was. He asked her that where am I. She told him that I didn’t come home last night but I messaged her that I’ve reached home before all this happened. So, he asked for my father’s number and called my father to know where am I. Then my father told him that I am on the way to my village (Uttarkashi) while I was already taken to my maternal uncle’s village. Then, my father started threatening my friend that he will file a case against him of harassing my sister and we have all the call recordings. Then my friend asked them that why my phone is off and why your daughter said that he didn’t come home last night when he is on the way and you know that. So, my friend asked my father to connect me with him once I reach home else he will report to police that ‘Himanshu’ is missing. My father got afraid when he heard about police case and then he allowed me to speak with my friend on one condition that my father will also listen our conversation. I allowed for it and so I put the phone on speaker mode which allowed me to text him what happened last night. So, next day I was taken to my home(village) and the next day, they moved me again back to maternal uncle’s home. They took me with them to visit a pandit to check if someone did anything for me. The next day, I was taken back to my own village. There I was also checked up with tantric. After 2 days, I was fed up with their emotional and physical torture, so I decided to fled away. My friends helped me to get back to dehradun. I have all the recordings of threat which my family gave me and also of abusive language about the girl like randi, doom, chamar, bhangi and other threats for her. They started giving threat to my friends as well that they will fire an FIR against my friends for kidnapping me. We have those recordings as well. ‘Sir kata sakte hn pr sir jhuka nhi skte’- they were posing this phrase on my friends. Then, I left dehradun and started job in Noida. Its not been a complete month here and my father called my gf’s father yesterday that your daughter speaks till late night with my son and she used to carry tiffin lunch for him when we were in the same office. And told them, that he is running away from us cause of her. My gf had already informed about me in her house. Her parents told her that they are not denying for our marriage but my family must accept her first. So, her father asked my father that what he wants from him. My father told him that ask your girl not to contact my son. Her mother then told her to inform me the same and stop talking with each other. She told me everything and told me that we will try to convince her parents but for now, we will not let anyone know that we are still talking. Today, my mother called her and I don’t know what she told her. Now, the girl is saying that we can’t be together and we don’t have future together.
    Can someone please help us out?


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