What is “Honour” Based Violence?

“Honour” based violence is an act on a person by his/her family members or by the community, due to the belief that the person brought shame or “dishonour” upon them.

Females are the most common victims of “honour” based violence. However, males can be victims, as well.

Some Types of “Honour” Based Violence:

Physical Abuse

Psychological Pressure

Forced Marriage

Forced Abortion


House Arrest

“Honour” Suicide

“Honour” Killing

Some Motives behind “Honour” Based Violence:

Falling in love with someone of your choice

Refusing to marry a person chosen by the family

Marrying someone of your choice

Loss of virginity outside of marriage

Pregnancy outside of marriage


A relationship outside of marriage

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  1. Hiii i m bhupendri sagar nick name (bhumi).i got married 29th january 2018.but my family not accepting my relationship.my marrige is intercaste marrige.i suffered domestic violence from my family.my husband n me lives till deffrent..pls help me.what i do…


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