Proposed legal and systemic changes by Dhanak for Right to Choice in Marriage

For the last nine years Dhanak has experienced various legal and systemic challenges for couples trying to exercise their constitutional rights related to their marriage. Dhanak is demanding the following changes for the recognition of Right to Choice in Marriage by the government of NCT Delhi.

Dhanak demands:

  • Change in the rules/guidelines for implementation of the Special Marriage Act-1954
    1. Provision of using proof of address from any state in India
    2. No intimation “Notice of Intended Marriage” to homes/family of marrying couple
    3. No intimation “Notice of Intended Marriage” to police stations
    4. Attestation of documents by officials receiving papers for marriage solemnization and registration
  • Establishing Government Protection Homes for couples in need
  • Establishing Counseling, Guidance, and Marriage Solemnization/Registration Center for Interfaith/Inter-caste couples
  • Public awareness Campaign on Gender Equality
  • Inclusion of Interfaith Marriage in State Scheme for providing incentives for alliances of such nature

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